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My Worst Day: Beyoncé

How one devastating night nearly kept this music icon from the world’s stage.

October 16, 1992

Thank you, Skeleton Crew. Your challengers are a young group from Houston. Welcome Beyoncé, LaTavia, Nina, Nicky, Kelly, and Ashley…the hip hop, rapping Girls Tyme.

“We were devastated…the second we got backstage we just bawled and bawled.”

The Beginning

“She had been dancing with me for a little while and I still didn’t know she could sing. She was the last one in class that day, and I was just sweeping and, you know, just finishing the day. And I was humming…and she finished the song for me.”

First Wins

Girls Tyme

Planting the Seeds

Where Fame and Fortune Happens

The fame and fortune only happens here, on Star Search. The world’s greatest talent competition!


“We were having a great time, and so I was asking them ‘Isn’t this great? How did you guys like Magic Kingdom? Did you go on Space Mountain?’ And they were like ‘We’re not going to go on anything until after we take care of business.’ They basically said, ‘We’re not going to Disney until we beat you.’”

Beyoncé’s Destiny

The Legacy


The judges give champion Skeleton Crew four stars!

A perfect score, the challenger, Girls’ TYME, receives three stars!

Skeleton Crew, champions once again

Congratulations, we’ll see you next week

The Lessons

My Worst Day

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