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How to Find Sponsors for Your Webinars and Virtual Events

Going digital shouldn’t mean leaving sponsor dollars on the table

The Golden Rule of Sponsorships Still Applies

The first step in finding sponsors for your digital events and webinars is to remember the golden rule of sponsorships: Connect their brand with your audience.

Offer Your Sponsors Unique Digital Assets

Once you understand the brands you’re going to target for your virtual event through Audience Matching, it’s time to figure out what sponsorship assets you can offer them. In order to identify the assets you should offer as part of your virtual event sponsorship program, there are two basic questions you need to ask yourself:

“To get what you want, help others get what they want.”

By creating a sponsor-first mentality, and working hard to create a program that works for them (and not a self-serving program that works for you), you are all but guaranteed to create a program so valuable, sponsors will be clamoring to get on board with your virtual event or webinar.

Brand Awareness

· Place sponsor logos on all pre-event emails, website, and registration page
· Place sponsor logos on all live event slide decks
· Have all virtual speakers make mention of the sponsors during each presentation
· Invite reps from sponsor company to give presentations themselves (showcasing their brand in the process)
· Include sponsor brands in social media activity

Showcasing Community and Social Responsibility

· Have the event chair send out an email to all guests thanking sponsors and reminding attendees that the event would not be possible without them
· Create a charitable component to your event and have it branded with one or more of your sponsors

Generating Content

· Release sponsor-branded articles leading up to your event
· Allow sponsors to share special video content with your network
· Release press releases announcing your partnership with sponsors
· Offer sponsor-exclusive email newsletters to your attendee list
· Conduct virtual sponsor interviews
· Allow sponsors the rights to use of your event’s marks, images, and other content on their own channels

Generating Leads/Stimulating Sales

· At signup ask parties interested in learning more about a sponsor to check a specific box and share those leads with said sponsor
· Distribute white papers, digital product samples, and more on behalf of your sponsors
· Distribute special sponsor coupon codes and offers to guests via email
· Have sponsors share a video product demo and distribute to attendees
· Set up a “Virtual Trade Show Booth” via a separate webinar where a sponsor rep can walk interested attendees through their product

Obtaining Audience Data

· Share any high-level audience demographic data you compile with sponsors
· Offer an emailed survey to your audience on behalf of sponsors

Build the Perfect Sponsorship Proposal

Once you’ve identified the audience and value you’re creating, it’s time to articulate that value to sponsors. This is best achieved through a well-developed Sponsorship Proposal Deck. Arguably the most vital component of any sponsorship pitch, we’ve seen proposals range from a half-page word document to a 30-page professionally designed package. The length will vary based on your business, prospect, and opportunity, however all the proposals we build for our clients follow our proven outline:



Opportunity Overview

Target Market

Advertising and Marketing Plan

Activation Ideas


It’s tempting to put pricing in your proposal. It really is. You feel like it’s incomplete without it. However whenever possible, we encourage you to save pricing for a separate follow-up conversation with your prospect. Your sponsorship proposal is about excitement. It’s about visualization. It’s painting a picture for your prospect, one that has them immediately picking up the phone to call you to learn more.

Getting Started

The world of events is changing rapidly. As digital adoption of large-scale conferences, trade shows, and other events takes off, now more than ever it’s import to understand how to find sponsors for your webinars and virtual events. Because even in the digital space, sponsors can ultimately be the difference between a successful event, and one that hemorrhages money.



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